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What to do after a fire risk assessment?

Published 30th May 2023

What to do after a fire risk assessment? A fire risk assessment does exactly what it says – it looks at risks associated with fire…

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Why do we need emergency lighting systems?

Published 24th May 2023

Why do we need Emergency Lighting systems? Emergency lighting systems forms part of the life safety system at your premises in the event of an…

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Restaurant fire safety

Published 14th April 2023

Restaurant Fire Safety As the owner or the manager of a restaurant, you are ultimately responsible for the fire safety of both customers and the…

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Fire Safety Regulations 2023

Published 27th January 2023

The Fire Safety Regulations 2023 apply across the UK and Ireland and are continually updated. Tragedies such as Grenfell Tower have caused review of the…

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Fire safety logbook

Published 17th October 2022

What is a Fire safety logbook? What should it record? A Fire safety logbook put simply is a record/ log of anything and everything that…

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Fire Safety Law

Published 5th October 2022

Do you know your responsibilities for Fire Safety? Do you know Fire Safety Law? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the legislation that…

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Fire Blankets in fire safety

Published 30th September 2022

Having the correct fire extinguishing products, in the right place at the right time is so important. Why are fire blankets important? This fire blanket…

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Manual call point covers

Published 22nd September 2022

Manual call point covers on your rectification report? When an alarm repeatedly sounds and is a false activation. This causes people to become de-sensitized and…

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What does being a competent person mean?

Published 7th September 2022

Fire Safety - What does being a “competent person” mean? Dame Judith Hackett's Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety final report – uses…

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Buying Fire Extinguishers online

Published 2nd September 2022

Have you ever considered buying Fire Extinguishers online? The internet’s popularity for buying products, has grown vastly over the years. We can now purchase anything…

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Reducing false alarm costs…

Published 4th July 2022

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Whose responsibility is fire safety?

Published 30th April 2018

In a commercial or non-domestic property, there must always be someone who is considered the ‘responsible person’. It’s this person's duty of care to ensure…

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