Open Air Events and Venues

Quite often, people assume that open-air events, such as music concerts, sporting events and markets, aren’t as much of a fire risk as enclosed buildings. This is untrue and it’s absolutely essential to ensure steps have been taken to prevent potential fires occurring at all kinds of open-air events.

Fire management and prevention

In order for a fire to start it needs only three things; ignition, fuel and oxygen, all of which are commonly found at open-air events. The principles of fire safety dictate that each is identified beforehand in order to prevent any escalating into a blaze.

There could be any number of ignition sources at an open-air event, including campfires, camping stoves, smokers materials, fireworks or pyrotechnics, natural phenomena (lightning, for example) or mechanical friction. Often the challenge with an open-air event is to think about these things ahead of time before everything is set up due to the temporary nature of many of these events.

Similarly, there could be a plethora of fuel sources at any given open-air event, which could include flammable liquids, displays, stands, tents or marquees and even vehicles in the car park. It’s critical that any of these potential fuels don’t come into contact with ignition points as open-air events normally have copious amounts of the third ingredient for a fire, oxygen.

Of course, there’s nothing you can do about the limitless amount of oxygen in the air, but there are a few other sources of oxygen you need to be mindful of. Many oxidising chemicals may be present, as well as potentially pyrotechnics and fireworks that contain oxidising materials are commonplace at open-air events.

It’s also very important to have a plan in place for people who could be considered at risk. This might include those who work alone or in isolation, disabled people, the elderly or children who would find it difficult to evacuate should the need arise.

Walker Fire can help to ensure your open-air event is as safe as possible through our range of quality services and products. We also provide comprehensive fire training for staff to ensure they know how to effectively prevent a fire and what actions to take should one break out.

In summary:

The key things to know about fire safety at open-air events are:

  • Open air events typically contain lots of people, some who are “at risk”.
  • Open air events usually contain multiple ignition points.
  • Open air events often have numerous fuel sources.
  • Walker Fire can help to secure events with our quality services, products and training courses.

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Comprehensive Fire Training

One of the most important steps in fire safety is ensuring that your staff are well aware of potential risks and able to respond accordingly in the event of a fire. Walker Fire can provide a comprehensive staff training package to ensure this is the case.

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Fire Risk Assessments

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