Offices and Shops

Fire safety in offices and shops is critical as these environments often present a significant risk to life should an outbreak occur. Owners and managers have a duty of care to protect customers and employees from potential hazards. Walker Fire can help to assure this through our informative services, comprehensive training and quality products.

Fire management and prevention

Fire safety works on the basic principle of identifying hazards and risks and taking steps to avoid them. Fire only needs three things to start; an ignition point, fuel and oxygen.

Offices and shops present numerous potential points of ignition, each of which needs to be identified and assessed to ensure it’s safe. These could include faulty electrical equipment, smoking materials, lighting and even arson.

Any flammable materials must also be accounted for to ensure they are stored correctly and most importantly away from any potential points of ignition. Cleaning materials, decorating equipment, product packaging, paper and soft furnishings are all commonly found in offices and shops, for example.

Oxygen is in the air all around us and for the most part unavoidable. However, ventilation systems can exacerbate the situation and certain chemicals can also have an oxidising effect that helps a fire to spread.

As previously mentioned, one of the most critical components of fire safety in these environments is identifying people at risk and creating a plan to account for their safety. This could include people with disabilities, those who work alone or isolated, elderly customers or children who would find it difficult to evacuate in an emergency.

Our services, training and products can help to ensure your premises have been thoroughly evaluated and all risks and hazards managed to create a safer all around environment for staff and customers, as well as protecting your business’s assets.

Our highly skilled team of assessors are regularly audited for quality assurance purposes and each has the knowledge and skills that could save lives. Get the peace of mind that your office or shop is as safe as can be from potential fire hazards.

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Servicing

In many cases, the fire extinguishers on site are the first line of defence in the event of a fire. Let Walker Fire help to ensure you have the right extinguishers in the right places and keep them maintained.

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Fire Risk Assessments

A comprehensive and thorough fire risk assessment is the foundation of any fire safety project. It’s essential as a starting point in order to accurately map the road to a safer environment and provide detailed recommendations.

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Fire Alarm System Installation and Servicing

The provision and maintenance of suitable fire detection equipment is required by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Don’t be caught out when you need it most.

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Back in 2014, East Riding of Yorkshire Council required servicing of their sites and the work was tendered and subsequently awarded to Walker Fire. This included the full servicing of all fire extinguishers and fire safety compliance at each site,…

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