Sleeping Accommodation

The definition of sleeping accommodation includes multiple instances, such as common areas in homes of shared occupancy, bed and breakfasts, staff sleeping quarters, guest houses and many more.

Read on to find out more about our products and services available to premises that offer sleeping accommodation.

As one of the leading fire safety solution providers, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional products, training and services for businesses of all kinds. We have branches located across the UK to ensure our customers get the benefits of a nationwide operation, but with the advantages of an outstanding local service.

We have 3rd party accreditation on all our fire safety related disciplines, this offers our customers peace of mind that we are the true professionals in the industry. BAFE being on one the most recognised for fire related disciplines.

Our services include; Fire Risk AssessmentsEmergency LightingSafety SignageDry Risers and hydrantsFire ExtinguishersFixed SuppressionFire Alarms and Fire Training 

Within our Group of Companies we have specialist security teams that can assist with CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Access control.

Please contact us to find out more and to book a free site survey , our team are always happy to discuss your requirements. 

Fire management and prevention

The basic principles of fire safety are to identify hazards and risks and take steps to minimise or totally prevent them. For a fire to start it needs three things; ignition, fuel and oxygen, which is where we start when we assess a building.

Ignition can be started in a variety of places, especially in most sleeping accommodation buildings, such as heaters (gas, electric or oil-fired), candles, boilers, electricals and cooking equipment, to name just a few. It’s essential that these are identified and thoroughly assessed.

Sources of fuel are commonly found in this type of property and can include furniture, textiles, flammable liquids (cleaning chemicals etc), paper and many more. If a source of fuel is stored precariously close to a potential ignition point we already have two out of the three sources required for a fire outbreak.

Oxygen is, of course, present in all properties. However, we need to be especially mindful of ventilation systems in enclosed buildings that can exacerbate fires and cause them to spread much more quickly. Some chemicals can also feed a fire with additional oxygen, as well as stored oxygen in cylinders if any are present.

People at risk also need to be accounted for and plans put in place to ensure their safety. This could include disabled people, elderly, children and anyone else who would find it difficult to evacuate in an emergency.

Walker Fire are able to do a thorough check to ensure all potential ignition, fuel and oxygen points are identified and suggest steps you could take to create a safer environment as a result. We provide quality services, products and training to ensure your property is kept as safe as can be from potential fire hazards.

In summary:

The key things to know about fire safety in sleeping accommodation are:    

  • Many properties are classed as “sleeping accommodation”.
  • There are many common sources of ignition and fuel in sleeping accommodation.
  • There’s a duty of care to protect guests and staff.
  • Walker Fire can help to ensure that the sleeping accommodation you are responsible for is effectively managed.

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Servicing

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Fire Alarm System Installation and Servicing

The provision and maintenance of suitable fire detection equipment is required by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Don’t be caught out when you need it most.  We offer Fire Alarm system installation, maintenance and commissioning throughout the UK. Our 3rd party certification means you have peace of mind that we are competent and…

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The importance of fire doors in an emergency

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