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BT has announced by the end of 2025, that all users will be transferred from the old analogue system known as PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to a digital network. Many of these old lines being upgraded are the old copper lines that are no longer suited for use.

All telephone lines will route calls through IP (Internet Protocol). This upgrade by BT includes fire alarm and security systems that are currently still connected to the old PSTN system.

PSTN is struggling to keep up with the modern advancements in technology. With more connectivity than ever we are ever more reliant on instant communication, and this means using stable and reliable internet connections. The change will be happening throughout the world, the switch from analogue to digital is planned to be completed by December 2025, pre “switch off” off analogue systems.

Openreach have announced they will cease selling products operating using analogue in September 2023, this also means they will stop making modifications to any systems on analogue (legacy systems). In some areas these products are no longer being sold already due to upgrade works having commenced.

PSTN Upgrades



Fire alarm systems, security systems and any monitoring systems connected by PSTN will be affected. The “switch off” means that any systems still connected will also “switch off” with PSTN. Our PSTN upgrade team will assess all existing telephone-based signaling and be in contact to arrange the required upgrade to your system. This usually means an engineer will need to visit and replace the existing signaling hardware for mobile network or internet-based unit. This will ensure your system is protected and monitoring services are working.

Newer systems are more likely to be digital, however all systems will be checked to ensure that our customers are covered.

We have a specialist team who will be completing the assessments on behalf of our customers and making any necessary arrangements for upgrades or replacement. The new digital systems once operational will allow for smooth operation of any monitoring, they will also utilise the latest available technology.




Many existing systems will require work to upgrade or replace systems that rely on PSTN. Many customers using PSTN will benefit from the digital transformation. We will let you know what work is required and plan a visit that fits with you and your business.

If you require works to be completed more urgently, please get in touch. Rest assured all required work will be completed before the deadline through a pre-planned visit and your systems will be upgraded in plenty of time (if required).

The move to digital is an exciting opportunity and will bring the UK telecommunications and internet usage inline with the rest of the world. Internet speeds should be improved as a result of the upgrade works carried out.

For further information on BT Openreach’s switch off plans, you can read their statement here. Many myths are explained in these articles to offer re-assurance to both businesses and homes alike that may be affected by the change, along with advising customers what action they should take.

We offer you the assurance you have nothing to worry about and that we will be in touch to discuss this with you.

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