Fire Safety Law

Do you know your responsibilities for Fire Safety? Do you know Fire Safety Law?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the legislation that covers fire safety, the law applies to nearly all premises, although does not apply in people’s private homes.

A responsible person is classed as someone with control over the premises, control over the activities or employers of people. The responsible person(s) has a duty to ensure everyone is safe from fire.  Fire Risk assessments identify risk and necessary measures to make the risk an acceptable level.

A fire risk assessment looks at hazards, who may be at risk, the level of risk associated and records the details, outlining the plans, instructions and gives vital information as well as reviewing training needs (such as safe evacuation procedures). Fire Risk assessments should not be completed and then forgotten about and should always be kept up to date.

Fire authorities are responsible for enforcing the law. They also carry out investigations, poor fire safety can led to prosecution. The fire authorities in extreme circumstances can prevent people using a premise.

The FIA have produced this handy Fire Safety Law guidance. If you are unsure of your responsibilities, please contact us today, where our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Fire Safety Law leaflet

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