Manual call point covers

Manual call point covers on your rectification report?

When an alarm repeatedly sounds and is a false activation. This causes people to become de-sensitized and therefore reduces their subsequent actions.

Manual Call point

Meaning people will ignore the alarm and not take the appropriate actions. The result could be fatal.

Home office figures reveal that there were 2,226 false fire alarms, caused by malicious activation of a fire alarm call point! (For year ending June 2020)

12,221 false fire alarm activations recorded, were due to accidents or careless activation of life safety devices, this includes manual call points.

40% of Fire and Rescue attendances were false fire alarm activations, fires accounted for 28% by comparison.

BS 5389-1:2017 States that manual call points can be fitted with a protective cover helping to prevent false alarms.  The British Standard Institute in section 20.2b recommends “All MCP’s should be fitted with a protective cover, which is moved to gain access to the frangible element.”

“It is now recommended that a protective cover is fitted to type A manual call point to prevent false alarms.”

A 26% fall in malicious false alarm activations, has been seen since the introduction of the covers.

Manual call point covers, are an inexpensive way of protecting call points from malicious attacks.

As a result of this, they help in the reduction of false alarms. Identified in red manual call points, are located in many different types of premises. These call points are linked to the fire alarm panel and are there for both life and property safety in the event of a fire. A manual call point should be activated if a fire is discovered. This will sound an alarm that lets others know there is a fire and to begin evacuation. (Where appropriate).

Our rectification reports, are sent to customers following on from system servicing. These reports identify if call point covers are in place and advise you if not.

Our friendly team can then quote you for the installation of the covers in line with the recommendation made by the British Standard Institute.

To talk to us in more detail, or to arrange the fitting of call point covers, please contact us.


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