Fire Blankets in fire safety

Having the correct fire extinguishing products, in the right place at the right time is so important.

Why are fire blankets important?

This fire blanket was used in a fire at a customer’s premises, the customer also used a C02 Extinguisher to assist with extinguishing the fire. The stove top was on fire not the pan, due to a build up of grease that ignited. The result of having the right protection in the right place, was the fire being bought under control very quickly. Our team has since been back and replaced both the fire blanket and extinguisher.

Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are designed for extinguishing small fires, normally in kitchen or cooking areas.

Alone as a fire safety solution a blanket is not enough and fire extinguisher’s are normally located within the vicinity. (Depending on location). Used on fires in small contained areas (such as a saucepan or fryer) where the blanket acts as a lid, it aids in removing oxygen from the fire.

Knowing how to operate a fire blanket and its size is important to ensure the safety if the individual using the equipment. They can also be used for people whose clothes are ignited, to assist in smothering the fire.

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Guidance  is available from the FIA and their document is linked below but remember the blankets must be fitted in the right place, ready for use in the event of a fire. We are always happy to complete a free site survey offering you guidance for your fire safety requirements.

FIA – Fire blanket guidance

Please contact us today to find out more about our products and services. The Walker Fire Group of companies can offer Fire and Security coverage throughout the UK and Ireland, we have qualified engineers in your area

Having the right fire protection in the right place will help you protect people and property. .
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