Maintenance of an Alarm system…..

Did you know over 30% of call outs are due to poor maintenance of an alarm system?

It is not surprising to think poor maintenance of an alarm system results in unnecessary call outs! Leaving a system unchecked inevitably will result in a system not performing to its full potential.

Looking at call out records reveals a wealth of information to us as a business. Knowing what the cause of the alarm being triggered was, helps establish what we can do to help our customers. There will always be genuine reasons for a call out, from faulty detectors, panels and wiring issues, some of the call out’s we responded to could be avoided. Poor cleaning routines are an issue and cobwebs building up on and around the detector can cause false activations. It is very important to keep the area around sensors clean.Maintenance of an alarm system

Poorly maintained systems, including broken parts caused alarm triggers, along with a lack of training for staff members, who through setting alarms incorrectly had caused an activation.

Rodents, insects and spiders can set off sensitive alarms and this can cause false activations that will then require a call out.

A low level of the call outs received were for genuine reasons. Around 20%. These included vandalism and water leaks, genuine fires and attempted burglary.

Having your system frequently maintained by a professional and competent company will help to reduce the number of false alarms. Ensuring staff members are trained properly on the use of the system and routine cleaning routines established will also help.

As we head to the colder weather spiders start to head inside and an astonishing number of call outs are because of a spider scurrying across the sensor. Although this is unavoidable, good cleaning regimes and routines will lower the chances of the activations.

Ways to help prevent false alarms;

Maintain your system – We contact our customers to book their servicing, so that’s one less thing to worry about remembering.

Keep your area clean – Remove cobwebs regularly and establish a good cleaning routine.

Stay in touch – If you are completing building works, speak with your system provider to ensure that harm to detectors from water, dust or other sources is reduced or considered as part of the scope of works.

Staff training – Ensure your teams are shown how a system works and they are comfortable in completing tasks associated with the system.

Pest Control – Ensuring the areas are clean helps but also consider any pest control measures that may be required to assist in the reduction of false alarms

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