Powder Extinguisher

This 9kg extinguisher is charged with a high-performance BC powder that's based on a potassium bicarbonate/calcium carbonate complex. Recommended for use with large class B & C fire risk areas that may require a superior firefighting capacity. Particularly effective against fires involving L.N.G, alcohols, ketones and esters, which are typically considered too difficult for conventional powder extinguishers.

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  • Suitable for Large Class B and C fires
  • Effective Against Fires Involving LNG, alcohols, ketones and esters
Product Extinguishing Agent Powder
Product Extinguisher Type Portable
Product Extinguisher Class B, C
Product Extinguisher Size Range 6.5 - 9 litres/kg
Product Suitability Educational Premises, Factories and Warehouses, Healthcare Premises, Offices and Shops, Open Air Events and Venues, Places of Assembly, Residential Care, Sleeping Accommodation, Theatres and Cinemas, Transport Premises
Product Standards CE marked
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